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As I am certified in many modalities and have seen the limits of each, I incorporate all of my training each session in the best interest of the equine. Due to this, I do not charge for each individual modality, but for my time and experience as a therapist.

I prefer to give therapy in a series of sessions in order to remove restrictions, bring balance and provide long lasting effects. After a full series, the athlete can be seen every so often for maintenance or as needed. I will do single sessions, but in order to provide long lasting effects, multiple sessions are necessary.

Half Series (Three sessions spaced max of 2 weeks a part each)

Full Series (Six sessions. First 3 sessions 3 days-2 weeks apart, last 3 sessions 1 week to month apart).

Each session will last 90-120 minutes including any tape and stretching.


You will receive a summary, stretching instructions & suggested corrective exercises via email within 24 hours of the session. 

New Clients: Before I schedule your athlete for a session, you will need:

  • To thoroughly fill out the intake form, save as and email it to me.

  • Your veterinarian to fill and sign consent form.

  • The liability form signed by the owner of the equine.


Please email the intake back to me as well as the other two forms before the session so I have time to review.

The First Session: You will need to sign a consent form before I will touch your athlete. 


I will then proceed to give your athlete a dynamic & static assessment (this is not a lameness examination) so I have a starting point & can evaluate progress as we continue.

During this time, I will take a short video and pictures for my records (they will not be posted or shared) in case I need to confer with your vet or farrier.

Because this takes extra time, I do have a small, one time "Evaluation" fee per horse.

My Expectations: As I provide a mobile service, I only have 2 hours with each client. To ensure that the session runs on time and for hygienic reasons, I ask the following of my clients:

  • Please make sure that the horse is caught and clean before I arrive.

  • Make sure the area I will be working in is free of manure and wet bedding.

  • There is a handler, a safe place to tie or that the horse is behaved in cross-ties.

Cancellation Policy: I understand emergencies happen, but otherwise I need 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. If not, you will still be responsible for paying for the appointment.

Travel Fee: After 90 minutes of driving, I do have a travel fee. If there are multiple clients within the same area or at the same facility, the travel fee will be divided evenly between all. For clients out of state, please email or call for quote. Click here for more information.

Session Fee: $125.00 (Installment plans are available, click here)

Evaluation Fee: $25.00

Travel Fee (over 90 min): .60 cents per mile

Corrective Training Session: $60

Out of State: $125 + travel/accommodation (divided between # of clients) 

Gift Certificates are available! Please request via phone or email!

Group Demonstrations

I love giving demos to groups! Learn about my business and the services I provide along with an assessment on a horse. I have a kid-friendly version for camps & clubs!

No Fee


Each workshop is from 9am-4pm (lunch noon to 1pm) and covers one complementary therapy.  These are NOT certification courses; all the information you take from the workshop is for you to use on YOUR animals and NOT someone else's. These workshops do NOT take the place of veterinary care; always consult your vet before adding any alternative therapy to your horse's care routine.


Snacks & drinks provided. (8) participants max, auditors are welcome.

Massage & Stretching: $125.00 per participant, $10 per auditor

Taping (includes tape): $150.00 per participant, $15 per auditor

Herbal Remedies: $200.00 per participant, $20 per auditor

Need something child friendly? 

Min Muscles Clinic: $25

For children ages 4-8. Introduces muscles & massage, an easy child friendly massage routine and snack. Demonstration of routine given and then going through routine together. 

Shetland Strong Clinic: $35

For children ages 9-12. Includes an age appropriate muscle anatomy lesson, why bodywork is important, demo and hands-on practice with massage routine, introduction to stretches and a snack. 

Comfy Cob Clinic: $45

For young adults ages 13-16. Includes a high school level anatomy lesson, when to reach out to a therapist, demo & hands on practice with a pre/post ride massage routine, information on stretching and new stretches. Snacks included.

Ages 16 & up can participate in our usual workshops.


Retreats are held at venues where both equine and rider have accommodations. Meals are provided for rider. Max of (8) participants, no auditors are allowed.

Bodywork Retreat: Call for quote!

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