As I am certified in many modalities and have seen the limits of each, I incorporate all of my training each session in the best interest of the equine. Due to this, I do not charge for each individual modality, but for my time and experience as a therapist.

I prefer to give therapy in a series of sessions in order to remove restrictions, bring balance and provide long lasting effects. After a full series, the athlete can be seen every so often for maintenance or as needed. I will do single sessions if the plan is to only see the athlete on occasion, but in order to provide long lasting effects, I need multiple sessions.

Half Series (Three sessions spaced max of 2 weeks a part each)

Full Series (Six sessions. First 3 sessions 2 weeks apart, last 3 sessions 1 week to month apart).

Each session will last 90-120 minutes including any tape and stretching.


You will receive a summary & stretching instructions via email within 24 hours of the session. 

New Clients: Before I schedule your athlete for a session, you will need:

  • To thoroughly fill out the intake form, save as and email it to me.

  • Your veterinarian to fill and sign consent form.

  • The liability form signed by the owner of the equine.


Please email the intake back to me as well as the other two forms before the session so I have time to review.

The First Session: You will need to sign a consent form before I will touch your athlete. 


I will then proceed to give your athlete a dynamic & static assessment (this is not a lameness examination) so I have a starting point & can evaluate progress as we continue.

During this time, I will take a short video and pictures for my records (they will not be posted or shared) in case I need to confer with your vet or farrier.

Because this takes extra time, I do have a small, one time "new client" fee per horse.

My Expectations: As I provide a mobile service, I only have 2 hours with each client. To ensure that the session runs on time and for hygienic reasons, I ask the following of my clients:

  • Please make sure that the horse is caught and clean before I arrive.

  • Make sure the area I will be working in is free of manure and wet bedding.

  • There is a handler, a safe place to tie or that the horse is behaved in cross-ties.

Cancellation Policy: I understand emergencies happen, but otherwise I need 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. If not, you will still be responsible for paying for the appointment.

Travel Fee: After 90 minutes of driving, I do have a travel fee. Travelling further means I can see less clients that day.

Session Fee: $125.00

New Client Fee: $25.00

Travel Fee (over 90 min): .60 cents per mile

Gift Certificates are available! Please request via phone or email!

Group Demonstrations

I love giving demos to groups! Learn about my business and the services I provide along with an assessment on a horse.

No Fee


Each workshop is from 9am-4pm (lunch noon to 1pm) and covers one complementary therapy.  These are NOT certification courses; all the information you take from the workshop is for you to use on YOUR animals and NOT someone else's. These workshops do NOT take the place of veterinary care; always consult your vet before adding any alternative therapy to your horse's care routine.


Snacks & drinks provided. (8) participants max, auditors are welcome.

Massage & Stretching: $100.00 per participant, $10 per auditor

Taping (includes tape): $150.00 per participant, $15 per auditor

Herbal Remedies: $200.00 per participant, $20 per auditor


Retreats are held at venues where both equine and rider have accommodations. Meals are provided for rider. Max of (8) participants, no auditors are allowed.

Bodywork Retreat: Call for quote!

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