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Workshops & Retreats

To help our clients better understand and help their athletes in between visits, we offer educational workshops & weekend retreats. Workshops are informative, hands-on classes to give owners a basic understanding of massage & stretching, herbal remedies, aromatherapy or taping.

These are NOT certification courses! They are meant to give you tools to use on your horse and are not a substitute for professional visits or veterinary care. 

Need something for camps or pony clubs? We offer child friendly mini classes! Mini Muscles (ages 4-8), Shetland Strong (ages 9-12), Comfy Cob (ages 12-16).

For scheduled workshops, please see the Events page.



$125 per participant

Ages 16+

A hands-on class where participants will learn about the benefits & contraindications of massage, some muscle anatomy as well as basic strokes & stretches to help their horse in-between professional visits.

Manuals, drinks & snacks are provided.

Mini Muscles

$25 per participant

Ages 4-8 years

For children ages 4-8. Introduces muscles & massage, an easy child friendly massage routine and snack. Demonstration of routine given and then going through routine together. 

Shetland Strong

$35 per participant

Ages 9-12 years

For children ages 9-12. Includes an age appropriate muscle anatomy lesson, why bodywork is important, demo and hands-on practice with massage routine, introduction to stretches and a snack. 

Comfy Cob

$45 per participant

Ages 13-16 years

For young adults ages 13-16. Includes a high school level anatomy lesson, when to reach out to a therapist, demo & hands on practice with a pre/post ride massage routine, information on stretching and new stretches. Snacks included.

Kinesiology Taping

$175 per participant

Ages 16+

This is a hands-on class where participants will learn benefits & contraindications of kinesiology tape, how it works, applications & how to apply them.


Manuals & tape rolls are included. Snacks & drinks are provided.

Herbal Remedies

$225 per participant

Ages 16+

In this hands-on class, participants will learn about using herbs to aid in the healing and support of their animals. Participants will be learning about contraindications, applications, uses, types of remedies, common herbs and to brew (5) herbal remedies and take them home to utilize. Manuals, snacks and drinks are provided.

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