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Travel Rate

If you are not located in Minnesota and are interested in sessions or workshops, please don't hesitate to contact me. I love to travel to new places and meet new clients! While this does come with an increase in charge, it is divided evenly between the number of clients. I must be booked for a minimum of (1) full day (5 sessions). The session fee stays the same, but my travel is  added up and divided between the clients. As of right now, I do allow out of state clients to use installment plans, but the extra fees must still be paid at the time of service. Please click here for information on the installment plans I offer.


For workshops, I must have a minimum of (8) participants. Again, the cost of my travel is added up and divided evenly between the number of participants. Auditing fees stay the same as given on the services page.


Bodywork: Travelling to Madison, Wisconsin for (2) full day (10 sessions)

To drive there is 395 miles one way. My travel charge is .60 cents per mile.  

$474 (mileage)          $474/ 10 clients = $47        $125 session fee + $47travel fee =                                                                                                                                                                                               $172  per client

Workshops: Taping workshop in Souix Falls, South Dakota. It is 277 miles one way at $1 per mile. I am staying at the hosts home. There are (8) participants in the workshop.

$554 (mileage) / 8 (participants) = $69.25         $69.25 (travel fee) + $150 (workshop fee) = $219.25 per participant


There are ways to get the rate down (warm weather for camping, staying in a clients spare accommodations, being picked up from airport if flying) so that the only travel fee to be applied is drive time or airline ticket. I'm passionate about what I do and am open to suggestions to bring rate down. Please contact Amanda via phone or email to get a quote on travelling to your area. 

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