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Sponsorship Opportunities

I love being part of the team that keeps your athlete feeling and performing at their best. As I recently moved to the state, I am looking to sponsor 3-4 riders in central Minnesota at this time. All my previous sponsorships have lasted at least 3 years and I am hoping I am blessed with another great group to work with!


Benefits: your equine athlete will receive a full series (6 sessions) of bodywork and then a supportive session as needed or requested. With each session, your equine will also receive up to two Equi-Tape applications, and any oils or herbs (if applicable). There is "homework" or follow up care for your athlete, so if you can't commit to doing it, you are probably not the best fit for this opportunity.

You will also receive a banner to display at events, offers (New Client Fee Waiver) to hand out at events. Upon request, I may have a patch made for you or apparel. 

Term Length​: Minimum of 1 year. I prefer long term agreements so that both parties efforts don't end up being for naught.

 Obtaining & keeping sponsors is important for those who are 
or hope to be professional riders. As long as you keep working hard to achieve your goals and 
are doing what you can to help promote my business, I will 
continue to sponsor you and your athlete.  
I do understand that it takes time, but if I see that I am the only one putting in the effort on my 
part of this agreement, I will end the sponsorship. If at any time this agreement stops working 
for either of us, there is no harm in ending it.

If you have not or would not pay for my service, please do not apply. This is not a way for you to get free bodywork and leave. 

In exchange for my services & products, I fully expect you to promote my business and encourage people to become clients; or in the very least, explain how body work has helped your horse’s wellness & performance and how it can help  theirs. Taking pictures, word of mouth, reviews, social media, displaying banner, handing out offers, posting a flier in your local  barn or arena are all great ways that you can help promote my business!

If you’re offered the sponsorship, there will be an agreement for you to sign. If you are not 
offered sponsorship this time, I will be holding onto your application for the next opportunity.

To fill out application, click here.

(please download the form, fill it out and click "save as" in order keep all the changes made when you email it)

If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Amanda at (303) 475-3457.

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