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Workshops & Retreats

To help our clients better understand and help their athletes in between visits, we offer educational workshops & weekend retreats. Workshops are informative, hands-on classes to give owners a basic understanding of massage & stretching, herbal remedies, aromatherapy or taping.

Need something for camps or pony clubs? We offer child friendly mini classes! Mini Muscles (ages 4-8), Shetland Strong (ages 9-12), Comfy Cob (ages 12-16).

Please see the services page for a schedule of fees.


Our bodywork retreats were built to help the rider understand their body, the horse's & how they influence each other. Both horse & rider will receive bodywork and participate in yoga sessions. Owners will learn about muscle anatomy, basic massage techniques & stretching for the horse and self.

Limited to (8) participants.


These are NOT certification courses! They are meant to give you tools to use on your horse and are not a substitute for professional visits or veterinary care. 

Please contact Amanda via phone or email to schedule!

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