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New Year, Big Changes!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Happy New Year Y'all!

I've been a therapist for almost seven years now and as I keep continuing my education to better serve our equine comrades brings changes to how business is conducted. This post is merely to explain to you what's new, why and how it will benefit my clients.

  1. Before I schedule a new horse, you will need to thoroughly fill out the Intake form and have your veterinarian fill & sign the Vet Consent form. I will review the information and confer with the vet to make sure bodywork is in the best interest of the equine before calling you to schedule an appointment. These forms will be available on the website later this week on the "Services" page.

  2. All new clients will sign a consent form or I will not work with the equine. If you can't be there at the appointment, then you need to contact me ahead of time so I can send you the PDF.

  3. The First Session- I will need to do an initial dynamic & standing evaluation to start determining a plan of action and see what all needs improved. Pictures & videos will be taken at this time for records and in case I need to confer with the vet on what I am finding. Due to the extra time it takes for proper evaluation and in depth paperwork, I now have a one time fee for new equines of $25. If I have already been seeing your equine, this does not apply to you unless you'd like me to work on a horse I haven't seen before.

  4. Many of you know that I have been getting certified in new modalities. While many therapists charge for each individual therapy, I morally can't do that. If you pay for massage, but the horse really needs fascial therapy, tape or both, that is a huge bill. Or, if the horse needs it and you didn't want to pay for the other therapy, that means that the horse is going without just because you did not pay for that modality. That does not sit well with me. At Hands 4 Hooves, you are paying for my time & experience as a therapist to do what I can to help your equine that session. I don't just use one modality or technique because they all have limitations and work best together. So, whatever modality or technique I have up my sleeve that would benefit your equine that session, he will get for a flat fee.

  5. Session Time- Sessions will now be 90-120 minutes long including any taping and stretching.

  6. Tape (unless you don't want it) will be included in every session as it is a great complimentary therapy. There will be a blog post later this month covering K-Tape and I also have a new workshop teaching owners how to use it that will be available this spring.

  7. Session Fee- Due to new education & certifications, longer sessions, taping, etc. I have a new flat rate of $125 per equine.

  8. Cancellations- I understand that emergencies, weather and life happens. But otherwise, if you do not give me 24 hours notice that you are cancelling or need to reschedule, you will still be responsible for your session fee.

  9. I will give single sessions if need be, however, I prefer to see equine in a Half series (3 sessions) or Full Series (6-8 sessions) so that we can remove the original restrictions and the soft tissue problem can actually get resolved. After a series, your equine can then go on a maintenance schedule or be seen as needed.

  10. I realize that the new fees may be a stretch for many. With four horses of my own and living expense, I understand. I don't do this for the money, but because I love it. I do not want finances to deter you from giving your athlete what he needs, so I am willing to do an interest-free payment plan if you are having trouble affording it. This will only be available for those going through with Half or Full Series, not single sessions. Please let me know ahead of time so that I can bring a payment agreement.

  11. Travel Fee- If you are outside my standard 90-minute travel zone, I am willing to travel but there will be a fee of .60 per mile that will be added to your bill. The travel fee can be divided among however many clients I will be seeing at that location.

  12. You will receive a session summary & stretches I recommend to help your horse with what we're working on within 48 hours of the appointment. If you do not, please contact me. If I am running behind on them, I will let you know.

  13. Should your vet need my reports, please have them contact me. I am more than happy to work with other members of your equine's healthcare team.

  14. I will not work in a dirty stall or work area. I do not want to drag pathogens to other barns and I simply do not have time to do more than wipe my boots after every appointment.

  15. The equine needs to be caught & mostly clean BEFORE I arrive. I do not have the time to wait for you to catch the equine and groom him. I also do not have time to catch and groom the equine, so please do not expect me to. If you are injured and unable, please make sure you arrange for help ahead of time. I have a time limit of 2 hours max with each client and want to spend it giving the therapy that you are paying for.

  16. I deleted all social media. If you subscribe to the website, you will automatically know when there has been an update or a new post.

  17. You will be sent a review form after your equine has been through a Half or Full series so that I can continue to improve. You can also leave any testimonials or feedback on the website!

These changes will go into effect February 1, 2021; they are so I can provide my very best service and be a valued part of the healthcare team to my clients. They also ensure that I do not get drug through the mud as I have experience too many times in past years.

Thank you to everyone who has put up with me needing to bring my children to appointments. I know it can be a true test of patience, but due to the pandemic, I have not been able to send my oldest back to school nor find a trusted sitter for my youngest. If at any time you are not comfortable having my children at your appointment, please contact me so that we can schedule a weekend time so my husband can stay home with them.

I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas & New Year. I look forward to serving your equine this year!

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