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Horsemanship Lessons

Prior to becoming a therapist in 2014, Amanda gave lessons and trained horses as a profession. Now settled on the property in Brainerd, MN, Amanda is again offering horsemanship & basic riding lessons to locals of all ages to help prevent miscommunications and protect horses and riders. Due to Amanda being a full-time therapist, please call for availability.

Students will learn about equine behavior & body language, safe handling & groundwork, grooming, basic horse care, show preparations, tack & equipment, and basic riding skills. This program provides a great foundation that students can take anywhere for further education in the discipline of their choice.

*Helmets are provided for ages 6 & under and are sanitized every ride. All participants need to have a proper riding helmet & riding boots. Expensive riding gear/accessories are unnecessary*

As this program is for educating people about the horse & having a solid foundation, prices are low compared to a facility that offers 1-hour riding lessons in a particular discipline. Please contact one of the local barns on the references page for lessons in a specific discipline or program that is primarily focused on riding. 

Lessons are given at Amanda's property in Brainerd, MN in the round pen and attached enclosures. You will be given the address during scheduling.

Pony Rides (ages 6 & under): $10.00-$15.00 (20-30 minute visit where the little children can lead, brush and have a pony ride if they wish)

Ages 6-12: $25.00 (lasts about 45 minutes including riding)

Ages 12+: $35.00 (lesson is an hour including riding)

Longeline Lesson: $40.00 (30-45 minutes focusing on correct position & balance and exercises to continue improving)

For off-site riding lessons, please contact Amanda via phone or email for price & availability.

Hands-On Workshops

While students will learn the skills below over time in lessons, for students looking for a clinic-style learning experience, these workshops are available. Participants will be learning the basics about the given topics and then putting it into practice with Amanda's personal horses. These workshops are 2-3 hours and the goal is for the student to leave confident & comfortable.


If interested in off site workshops, please call or email Amanda. For modality workshops, please click here.

Horse Care: $50.00 (basic feeding & management, hydration, hoof care, stable care & fencing, blanketing, grooming & daily health assessment) Max of (3) participants

Tack & Equipment: $50.00 (types of tack & equipment, their uses, how to assess fit, tacking up, cleaning & assembly) Max of (3) participants

Show Prep: $50.00 (bathing, hair care, plaiting, finishing touches, equipment cleaning, packing, show registration & required paperwork) Max of (3) participants

Groundwork: $100.00 (body language, catching/releasing, leading & body control, basic lunging, trailer loading) Max of (3) participants

Child Day Camps may be available during school holidays in the future!

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