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Massage is a deliberate, focused manipulation of muscles and skin that promotes healing in the body. Each of a therapist's strokes are specific in pressure, direction and intention. Your therapist’s focus depends on the reason for the massage, the desired outcome and what they feel in each individual horse. We consider these factors and decide which intention is more beneficial to the horse: therapeutic or athletic.

The goal of a therapeutic massage is to enhance & support the overall wellness of the horse, and increase their comfort & quality of life. By using light pressure with long, soothing strokes & kneading techniques, it is great for senior & rescue horses as well as those recovering from injuries or trauma. 

During an athletic (or sports) massage, the goal is to keep working horses (training, off-season, pre/post competition & everything in between) in optimum condition by helping to prevent future injuries and finding & relieving muscular issues. This type of massage always involves deeper pressure in well prepared areas allowing for contracted muscles to release.


A massage pre-event will warm up & prepare the muscles for work by the increased circulation, and relieving any tension to promote flexibility & prevent injury. This leads to an enhanced performance and shorter recuperation time.

Post-event massage loosens up muscles & joints, prevents stiffness & soreness, aids in the removal of waste products and facilitates recovery through increased venous flow. 



  • Improved muscle health

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Noticing & possibly improving structural imbalances

  • Increased lymph movement

  • Improved emotional health

  • Relaxes the nervous system

  • Boosts immune system & digestive system

  • Helps prevent injuries, stiffness & soreness

Please see the services page for bodywork charges.

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