2020 Case Studies

As a professional equine practitioner, I am passionate about helping every equine I come into contact with. Each modality has it's place but, it breaks my heart when I can't put my finger on what's going on with a horse. So, I am always continuing my education to have a well-rounded bodywork practice to address the horse as a whole and not just muscles. That is where learning to work with fascia and connective tissue opens doors.

In July 2020, I will be 2/3 of the way through completing certification to add Equine Fascial Integration Therapy (structural integration/myofascial release) to my practice. Part of becoming certified is case studies to test your skills and learn from the horse's response. 

I will be taking on a minimum of (5) and a max of (10) horses for this second round of case studies. Unfortunately, I have had some less than ideal experiences in the past with clients not complying with my list of requirements. Due to this, I have made the decision to offer this incredible opportunity to the top professional trainers within the Shenandoah Valley & northern Virginia & southern Maryland.


Good trainers truly understand and can feel the changes in the horse and can give me the feedback I need in order to do my part. They want the best for each one of their athletes and are willing to do what it takes to keep them in peak condition. They understand that it takes a whole team of different professionals to keep the athlete healthy, comfortable and functioning at the top of their game. Which makes YOU the best choice for this opportunity.

About this modality: "Equine Fascial Release and  Integration Therapy (EFIT) is designed to help the connective tissue release and reorganize, returning your horse’s body to its natural equilibrium. This therapy is very similar to structural integration therapy (aka "rolfing") in humans. The equine myofascial release and integration series usually consists of five-six progressive sessions. The first work is on the outer layers of tissue, building trust and identifying your horse’s holding patterns and areas of tension. As these outer layers become more flexible,we are able to work more deeply in the horse’s structure, releasing restrictions and integrating the areas of the body that share movement functions so that your horse can move freely, powerfully and in balance."


Chosen athletes will receive a series of six sessions at no charge. All I ask, is that when you see or feel significant improvement in the horse and you like my work, that you pass my name on to others. *As this is a huge commitment for me (time, money, sweat), please don't apply just because it is no charge to you or if you wouldn't consider it for your athlete otherwise*

Requirements: If you are unwilling to comply with the following, then this opportunity does not suit you at this time, but please don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with me if you're interested in bodywork for your athletes.

This study is for you if the athlete:

  •  is in heavy work and actively competing

  •  is not battling an illness

  • receives regular farrier care

  • has clearance from a vet to receive bodywork

Trainer/Caregiver is:

  • open to suggestions to help the athlete (stretching, day off after session, re-balancing hooves as we re-balance the body, etc.)

  • will give detailed feedback about changes in athlete's behavior, movement and well-being,

  • will be able to clear a few minutes after each session to discuss findings

There is an application process, beginning with the short online application. I would like to be able to visit in person to make sure you and your athlete are a good fit for this study. *If you need a printable version of the application, please email me.

If you have questions or would like to chat before applying, please feel free to contact me at the following:

Amanda Bowers

E: hands4hooves@gmail.com

#: (303) 475-3457

I would like to start sessions the first week of August 2020. I would love to see athletes in each discipline. 

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